Fall Protection Solutions

We are a Fall Arrest systems installer. You’ll find Fall Protection solutions throughout the aerospace, power transmission, utilities and telecommunications sectors. They are used in every conceivable facet of industry, and they are integrated with all the major contemporary roofing systems.

Fall Protection Solutions by Roofline Systems


Fall protection is a part of safety equipment that is used to make working at heights safer. Generally, the term refers to any type of planned system to prevent or minimize falls from heights. When used specifically, the term refers to all measures and devices used to prevent a fall from occurring. At Roofline Systems we offer a range of fall protection solutions to meet the varying needs of commercial roofs.

Fall Protection

General fall protection which includes all measures of roof protections to keep your employees safe. We know how to protect your staff.

Free Standing Handrails

Permanent edge protection for areas where regular access to the roof for maintenance and inspection is required

Eyebolts & Single Point Anchors

Eyebolts are typically used where access from inside a building is needed to carry out external work such as window cleaning or maintenance.


In addition to our extensive height safety portfolio, Roofline Systems Ltd specializes in the testing and maintenance of height safety systems.

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