Free Standing Handrails

Freestanding or fixed guardrail system offers collective fall protection and can be used for
protection against falls from height, access protection and perimeter protection

Free standing handrail and guardrail systems


Free standing handrail and guardrail systems eliminate the hazard of falls from height. This is the preferred method of fall protection should working at height be absolutely unavoidable, as it offers exceptional stability via the use of a counterbalance, and versatility due to a modular framework.

We use only the highest quality products, fully tested to EN 13374 at 2 m spacings for the freestanding system and to EN 14122-3 at 1.5 m spacings for the fixed system.

Our freestanding folding edge protection system is a cantilevered guardrail system that does not require any mechanical fixing into the roof surface. This system has been designed and manufactured to fully comply with current H.S.E regulations.

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Protect your employees with our fall protection recommendations

Guardrails are extremely important to keep your employees safe. The first steps for you are to speak to a qualified expert like ourselves to understand precisely what products you need and how they ought to be placed.

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Health & Safety

Our priority is making sure your company meets all health and safety requirements.


Certified Installer

All our installers are certified Roodsafe Installers.

Nationwide Coverage

Nationwide coverage including but not limited to Jersey, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

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