Fall Protection

The key to safety at height on a roof or structure is to design it in such a way that workers using or carrying out maintenance can go about their duties without the risk of a fall. Roofline Systems are experts in fall protection.

Total Fall Protection


Making sure that your workers are able to go about their duties without the risk of falling is something we specialise in at Roofline Systems UK. 

The systems we use offer total fall protetions through continuous attachment whiltst travelling along the system. 

Roofline Systems offer you exceptional versatility. Each system is individually assembled from especially designed components and may be specified to operate vertically, horizontally, around bends or on inclines.

Roofline Systems install Fall Arrest systems to new buildings and structures and retrofit to existing ones, also diverse applications as bridges, office blocks, manufacturing plants and listed buildings. Importantly all components are proven durable and reliable in virtually all climatic and environmental conditions.

What is Fall Protection?


Fall protection is the use of products that protect workers from falling from a height or, should they fall, to stop them from suffering a severe injury. 

Fall protection for construction identifies the common hazards, and provides the solution to ensure workers recognise risks, precautions and are capable of keeping themselves safe using the appropriate measures and products.

How can Roofline Systems help with your fall protection?


We will look at four elements of your system to make sure that your workers are protected.


We'll look at how the roof will need to be accessed and what types of anchorage will be required. This could be an anchorage connector with lifeline safety systems for instance. 

Body harnesses

We'll look at the suitability of your workers current gear and whether it meets all the relevant safety requirements. We'll look into full body harnesses worn by the worker and should you need them we can assist.

A Deceleration System

If the worst happens and a worker falls there needs to be a measure in place to protect them. We will look at these measures and evaluate a best solution with you.

Planning for an Emergency

Should a worker fall a plan of action is needed to rescue them. All workers must be knowledgeable of the the plan and able to implement it. We will assess the best plan and help to provide the right training so that employees can all act quickly.  

    Speak to the experts


    To see how much we’re able to help get in touch. We can arrange to visit your premises and offer a range of advice which will prevent the possibility of severe injuries at a height.

    health and safety

    Health & Safety

    Our priority is making sure your company meets all health and safety requirements.


    Certified Installer

    All our installers are certified Roodsafe Installers.

    Nationwide Coverage

    Nationwide coverage including but not limited to Jersey, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.

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